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who we are

Our vision is to be the best insurance service provider, a leader in our chosen markets. benchmark provides a level of service which exceeds our clients’ expectations and our competitors’ capabilities.

We value the highest ethical standards and leadership, excellence, and quality in all aspects of our business practices while creating and maintaining valuable client relationships. benchmark is committed to an environment characterized by teamwork, accountability, creativity, openness, and empowerment that provides an opportunity for personal growth.

our story

Since 1998, our owner-operated agency has been helping clients through both the best and worst of times. We offer a boutique approach to service in an industry that is generally characterized by global and publicly traded service providers with ever-changing service team members. We are here when you need us, and that is what matters most.

Beyond the simple act of providing and maintaining policies for our clients, our genuine value comes in our ability to reduce the risk facing the companies for which we work.

We establish comprehensive risk management and accident avoidance programs to assist you in preventing claims from ever arising. Good planning is the first line of defense to protect your assets and your income.

it doesn’t matter who covers you… until it does

In the event of a claim, we make sure the carriers react in the best interest of our clients, the policyholder. We take care of our clients throughout the entire claims process, ensuring that the steps to conclude your claim are taken in a timely manner. This expedited handling directly affects the cost of claims, and ultimately, the cost of your policies.

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Often preventing a claim or learning from an accident allows us insights that can improve internal processes. We analyze claims and trends in order to identify the gaps in your armor and help you avoid future pitfalls.

a horse of a different color

Anyone can sell you a policy, but will they hold your hand step by step when you need it? Will they sit with you and help you through an audit? Do they really understand the language of your policy and go to bat for you with insurance carriers? Is your agent a call away 24/7? benchmark strives to be different!

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what our clients say

We had been with our former insurance broker for some time before moving to benchmark. We work in the construction industry and we had been meaning to fill in some gaps in our written health and safety programs. Rob and his team jumped in immediately and provided us with the professional assistance required to craft a solid written program. We also have specific certificate requirements and the benchmark team is there to make sure we are always in compliance and able to get to work.

I am pleased to write that we have had a relationship with benchmark that spans close to 20 years. As a wholesale distributor, our company has special risk control needs relating to operating a large vehicle fleet and benchmark has always been there to assist us in creating vehicle safety protocols as well as working on our behalf to resolve claim issues. We have great confidence in the benchmark team’s ability to provide timely and accurate risk management and insurance services.

As a service provider to Southern California municipalities, the State of California and the Federal Government, our clients require timely and accurate certificate documents. Day in and day out, Rob and the benchmark team delivers for my company. benchmark has taken the time to understand my business, deliver the quality services that allows me to focus on growing my business, not on the details of my risk management program.

I have been a client of benchmark for several years now. They have proven to be efficient and fast to respond to any requests that I have. In addition, I have found that they are able to provide better pricing on policies than any other source I have found in the past. I plan to stay with benchmark for many years to come.

benchmark is like a fortress to us, a reliable company that has been a huge help in our times of need. I would bet my good name on this company!

benchmark Insurance has made it a priority to secure the best rates possible for our needs all while educating our staff on the types of coverage that are important to our everyday business. benchmark staff has always been prompt on responding to our needs under short time lines. They are a tremendous asset to our team!

We have been able to grow our business significantly over the past few years and benchmark has been able to help us best manage our company’s risk. It’s very reassuring to know that when a need arises Peter and Rob are there to help us through it, each step of the way.

benchmark has managed both our business and personal insurance for over 10 years. Rob and his team have made a point of learning about our business and our family in order to provide the best recommendations for us. We have a frequently changing portfolio of needs and our advisors at benchmark never tire of addressing those changes and advising us in the best possible way to maintain the optimal coverages for our company and family.

Four years ago we switched from a major carrier that made promises they never delivered. benchmark has not made false promises, but has delivered excellent service and a comprehensive policy for our automobiles and home that give us the peace of mind you expect when you pay for insurance. We have luckily not had to file any claims but firmly believe that should something occur we will be well taken care of by the professional team at Benchmark. When we have added new autos to our policy, our agent Deanne has been wonderful to work with and all paperwork is completed timely and accurately. We have been very happy with the service and appreciate the time and personal care we receive.

frequently asked questions

what is a policy audit?

Clients and prospects for whom we perform the policy & coverage audit receive a comprehensive overview of what they’re covered for, what options they have to adjust coverage to save money, where they have exposure, and how shifts in allocation can improve coverage and fill the holes in their coverage. Our audits often expose weaknesses in coverage our clients didn’t know they had they are unwilling to continue to retain.  We then provide a solution and a path forward.

While our company name is benchmark commercial insurance, we provide the same level of analysis to the individual as we do to the business. Combining business and personal allows individuals with high net worth room to grow.
We work with family back offices to reduce complexity, manage risk and ensure compliance with insurance requirements.

what does it mean to be a boutique firm?

To us, boutique simply means, we pay careful attention to each of our clients.  Working with us is the difference between going into a huge department store or a curated shop.  We provide the kind of care that ensures our clients get the coverage they need, the guidance they want and the attention they deserve.

what is b@yourservice and how does it help me?

b@yourservice is a cloud-based self-service customer portal. It offers clients online and mobile access to an organization’s policy information. Key features include document management, claims management, analytics, and more. Your portal allows you to print out coverage documents at your convenience speeding the process of closing and many other transactional exchanges traditional insurers can delay.

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Our team of experts is at your service to help you with your specific needs.