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how do I insure my business?

Have you recently started a business and don’t know where to start when it comes to insurance? As a business owner, you might understand the benefits of an insurance policy as it pertains to paying for damages—so you aren’t paying them out of pocket—but what policies does your unique business need? After all, commercial insurance […]

I don’t have an online business, do I need cyber insurance?

The insurance policies a business chooses is based on their specific business model. What works for one business may not work for another. One policy, however, lives as a baseline policy all businesses should have- cyber insurance.    This rings true, especially in light of today’s tech-reliant world. Even businesses that do not operate online […]

three tips to avoid employment practices issues

The most common risk businesses face are employment practice issues. Research found that businesses are five times more likely to be sued over employee-related issues than for any other issue. With a rapidly evolving workforce, let’s discuss the three strategies businesses can effectively implement to avoid running into any employment practice issues.  1. Communication  The […]

P&C insurers see $5.6 billion in underwriting losses

What is P&C insurance? In this article review, let’s discuss what it is, why your business needs it, and why the industry lost billions in 2021. what is property and casualty insurance? Property and casualty (P&C) insurance protects you and your property (i.e. your home). P&C insurance covers the cost of damage or aftermath of […]

why water damage is a top insurance loss 

Last year, over 500,000 water damage claims were made after Texas experienced a paralyzing winter storm that burst pipes and caused water damage.   Water damage is the second most common insurance claim, trailing closely behind wind and hail damage claims. Last year, over 500,000 water damage claims were made after Texas experienced a paralyzing […]

your guide to cyber insurance: why do you need it?

The cyber insurance industry is a rapidly growing market that can be difficult to navigate for those seeking or renewing insurance. With underwriting and renewal processes taking longer to complete, read on our full guide on why you need cyber insurance. why should you invest in cyber insurance? Cyber insurance covers expenses from data breaches, […]

how to insure intellectual property

When we’re talking about IP, we’re not talking about your computer’s IP address. IP stands for Intellectual Property. Today, protecting your IP has never been more important. As the need to differentiate your business from other businesses becomes more prevalent, protecting your intellectual property has become a point of focus for most business owners.  So, […]

how to reduce your management liability exposure

When determining the type of management liability coverage your business needs, first look at what you have. Is your current insurance covering the aspects of your business that are vulnerable to claims against you and your business? Odds are, you may be missing something. Let’s unpack the different types of management liability insurance options available […]

employment practices liability insurance — do you need it?

There are various policies a business may decide to carry when reviewing their risk profile.  The type of coverage your business invests in, depends on a few different factors. Almost all businesses with employees will want some kind of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). Peter Katkov, benchmark’s Commercial Lines Broker explains what EPLI is, and […]